søndag 28. desember 2008

The curse of christmas.

The festive period is here - that time of the year were pre-paid gamecards exchange owners, auction houses report cases of Small Egg selling for 25 gold per five, and Kel'Thuzad gets a much deserved break from constant undying as Kungen and pals log off for an actual family dinner. It's a time of peace and quiet, a time for compassion and loving thy neighbour. It's all very good.

Except I'm stuck on a two and a half year old laptop with a subpar internet connection, and my paladin isn't in any way levelling herself. As I enter Zangarmarsh and my trusty MacBook reports a solid eleven frames per second, I sigh. As I press the hotkey to mount my trusty Charger, castlag lands me at a delicate ten seconds mounting. Tears erupt, and I ask myself, "Why, o' Lord Illidan, why are you doing this to me during this most hallowed of seasons?"

Of course, there are treatments. You could always level a Death Knight. Or go play horde. You can post KoS-lists on the official forums (speaking of which; Meléedps, Mazx and Jeffy - I'd watch my back if I were you). Or you could just succumb to Aymee's wish and create a WoW-blog. Hell, you could even go and do something offline.

But you'll always know that your paladin stands alone in Telredor, waiting, anticipating, that next precious kill. The spirit of christmas, it seems, have left the premises. Welcome to the new year.