mandag 23. februar 2009

Tag - I'm it!

I regently got tagged by Dann, and since I'm finally back on my laptop (where I keep my archives), I'm ready to answer the challenge.

This is the trophy shot from my old guild's first Maiden Of Virtue kill. It took us three attempts - the first attempt failed when our pallie healer and main dispeller got D/C'ed from his mother pulling the plug on his internet, the second due to our elemental shammie walking up to the boss and aggroing her, for no apparent reason - but we got there in the end. Tanking gauntlets and healing totem dropped, if my memory serves me right. We then moved on to opera, where we one-shotted the wolf before calling it a night.

Posting this brings back a lot of fond memories, and I'm happy to report that my old guild is still alive and well, having cleared all 10-man content except Malygos so far. Anna and Pete, if you're reading this: Timmeh!

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