torsdag 15. januar 2009

Raiding and you.

Following up on last weeks dilemma concerning specs and what to do, I landed quite firmly on a 15/5/51 protection spec as my intended target, and started gearing up accordingly. The baptism of fire was a timed run in Strat, followed by this evening's run in Naxx25 as one of the offtanks. I was of course fully repaired, stocked up on flasks and buff food, available for invite before the intended raid start and in generally as prepared as I could be.

This raid would, however, soon develop into an exercise in the not so noble art of playing for one self, and not the guild. Already at first raid buff we find that not one of the three retribution paladins have Blessing of Kings specced (though one has shown up in a PvP hybrid spec, just in case we'd face horde at the portal). Of the two other warrior tanks, one is fiercely specced for PvP, the other has sacrificed Anticipation for Improved Disciplines and Improved Spell Deflection. Neither are willing to respec, as these players insist that this is the spec they want, this is their max DPS output spec, they can't afford it, and in the end one of our holy paladins port to Ironforge to respec for Kings, costing him 5% crit.

This, to me, isn't how this game is played. When you sign up for a 25-man raid, you're not doing it for loot. You're not doing it for achievements or badges. You're doing it because you are part of a guid, part of a team, whose main target is (and always should be) to maximize the potential in each other. Of course you put a draenei in the melee DPS group. Of course you make sure Replenishment finds its way to the healers. Of course you spec for the raidwide buff that will improve the overall performance of everyone, caster and melee alike. And of course you ease the healers' job by maximizing your avoidance as a tank - both in spec and gear.

So why is it so hard for these players to be a part of the team? In all honesty, it should be said that they are in no way bad players, and our guild is skilled enough to achieve fairly decent results even with sub-optimal settings, but still - refusing to even try something that might be an improvement on behalf of principle really isn't temwork. It's selfish, it's cheap, and in the end, it is what will get you demoted as soon as someone is there to take your place. This isn't a game of resting on laurels - it's a game of working hard to achieve the best. If you can't accept that, you should play Alterac Valley. I hear they're LF t0nk for Drek over there.

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Aerophilia sa...

I think you hit the nail on the head when you say it is what will get you demoted as soon as someone is there to take your place.

Would be funny to see how long it takes Dave to respec after "Sorry Dave you cannot come tonight, I'm taking Steve because he has kings or he specced for Anticipation & we're doing Patchwork"

Disclaimer: Dave & Steve are fictional characters. Any resemblance to persons fictional or real who are living, dead or undead is purely coincidental.


Grim sa...

Silly Dann, Steve can't spec for anticipation - he's a scorpid! He does have a dodge talent however, and would of course never go anywhere without it.

Yes, I'm commenting on comments, because I have nothing to add to the post, which I agree with. Though, I can understand some people wondering why this debate got taken out of proportion. The subsequent unwillingness to repair this, I have less sympathy for.

Aerophilia sa...

UPDATED Disclaimer: Dave & Steve are fictional characters. Any resemblance to persons or scorpids, fictional or real, who are living, dead or undead is purely coincidental.



Nasthalthia sa...

You do of course realize, Dann, that taunting Heigan off of you is only to maximize your potential, yes? Hmm?

True story.

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