søndag 4. januar 2009

Rant in Prot minor.

After half a year of listening to Ayms and Trix repeatedly politely enouraging/nagging me, and about a month or so of actually considering it, time recently came to take affirmative action: I abandoned my recently rolled level 63 paladin to transfer my old warrior to my new realm. Going from a PvE to a PvP server is, in spite of common sense, in many ways a relief to world play, as countless ganks only teaches you to play your class against THINKING (most often, that is) opponents that actually moves and reacts to your game (again, most often). You grow a whole new image of the game, and you realize that "safe" PvE wasn't really the way you wanted to play this game, no matter how much you spent your days flagged. Bringing an old friend to a new home begun to feel right, and so, the executive decision was made.

At that, I went from Hellfire Peninsula greens to T4/Gruul/S2/ZA-gear in about 40 minutes. And I realized: What do I do now? My 3.0.2 Fury spec belonged somewhere between the zoo and a trash can, 150% rested XP were screaming my name and I honestly hadn't a clue where to begin. So I went to to The Nexus with a few friends, just to discover I was putting on a truly spectacular display of amazingly bad DPS. We're talking 400 DPS on Keristrasza. It was embarrasing, to say the least.

So I did what every self-respecting player does: I read, and I read, and I read, and after five hours of forums, blogs, theorycrafting, respeccing and an additional three hours of UI configuring (not to mention a whole new set of key bindings), I felt ready to go again. Some fast grinds and a few select quests later, I was ready to take on Violet Hold, and lo behold - we are seeing 1400 DPS on Cyanigosa. This may or may not, of course, be due to circumstances such as a draenei tank and two paladins in the group, but it's still a solid 1000 DPS increase on a character that except for new weapons and a respec is essentially the same.

So. I'm where I'm supposed to be. And suddenly, a whole new problem dawns on me: Now, I wanna stay Fury. No matter how much my heart and soul lies with the whole "Charge, Thunder Clap and Shockwave"-mentality of opening pulls, all those hours of digging into the mindset of a Fury warrior have made it's mark. I've even begun work on stancedance-theories that, countary to common belief, may actually be a DPS increase for us. The question remains, will I be able to both stay Fury, experiment with my spec AND raid regularly? Time will show. Until then, watch this space.

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Aymee sa...

Well, you do know that one of the local dps-warriors rerolled priest, right? So in a few weeks or so he's hoping to raid as a healer...

So hopefully there'll be a spot for you. However much I adore having an extra tank, I follow the path of "play what you most WANT to play" - it worked out excellent for Grim, after all!

Not to mention myself :)

Grim sa...

I am watching this space, but nothing's happening!

Nawr, you follow your whims and stay happy that way, ne? You certainly do seem absorbed in fury atm so why thing longer than your nosetip when you got two huge axen? Phah!

Glad Barrithalthia is with us, regardless.